Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Poo baths

I"m sure you're wondering about my heading for this post. I decided to start with something other than running tonight. As I was bathing my son tonight he decides to take a dump in his bath... yuck, gross. I can't say it's his first time. The first time he did it, he was probably about 2 months old. He is 4 months old this week and let another rip in his tub. My first reaction is OH NO!! What am I supposed to do. I'm all by myself with a wet slippery baby. What a mess. It was quite the gong show in the bathroom. It was definitely not one of my finest moments. 

What is it with  this kid? My daughter was always a lady and NEVER did number 2 while bathing. My son on the other hand obviously doesn't mind sitting in his own poop. I wonder if it's a boy thing. This kid has projectile pooped on the change table that his hit the walls and his crib. I have never seen anything like this before. It's actually quite comical. If there was a competition, I'm sure he'd be a winner.

Poop on the wall and this was at 3am - Kill me!

After the poo clean up, I was all ready for a night run. The weather was incredible tonight. We are breaking records daily. We had a high of 14 degrees today and at 9pm, it was still reading 11 degrees celcius. I think this may be my last run outside this week as it's supposed to drop below freezing again!!! 

I met up with my run buddy and ran a 10K loop. My knees are feeling much better, the weather was perfect until it started raining. It was probably a good thing that we didn't go any longer because 1. I was getting pretty drenched and 2. the baby had woken up and was waiting for me to get home and feed. I really need to get him on the bottle. Any tips out there??? 

Finally got a picture, wet but smiling

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