Sunday, 6 January 2013

Week 1 done

Wohoo! I made it through the first week of my half marathon training schedule. I ran 19km's this week. It's the most I've run since having James.  I wasn't able to follow the schedule to a tee as I have already hit a road bump. My knees have started to hurt a bit :(  It's the first time I've had this type of pain. I just noticed it recently. It may have been a run that I did on the treadmill with a pair of shoes that has given me trouble in the past. I'm not sure if that was the cause, but  from talking to my running buddy, she thinks I may have tendinitis of the knee, fondly known as "jumpers knee".  From what I've read online, I have to take it easy and take care of it. I have been icing after every run and now in search of a foam roller to help me stretch more as well working on strengthening my quadricep and hamstring muscles. I want to continue to train and run the half without injury. I'm hoping that I will be able to work through this.

Today was long run Sunday. After a delicious dim sum lunch with the in laws, I washed down the grease with some tea and headed out for my run.  I look forward to Sundays. Firstly, because we get to go to church as a family. Claire loves going to Sunday School and I love being able to fellowship with others and get a good message from the pulpit. Today's message was about where I wanted to see my spiritual life go in 2013. It was a wonderful message and I hope that I will be able to follow up on what I promised myself and God. Secondly, it's Long run SUNDAY!!! enough said.

It was a pretty good day for a run. The temperature was above zero which is great for this time of year. I was able to get out and do a good 7km as per my training schedule. I was so happy to be able to run freely and not worry about a crying James as I knew he was in good hands with my hubby and the in laws :)  I was a bit weary of the run as my knees had been bothering me, but I had take 2 days off from running and been icing it and stretching, so I was rearing to go. I took it nice and easy. I didn't stare at my Garmin to check my time. It was a great way to finish up my first week of training. 15 more weeks to go. Have a great week all

icing my knees after the run.. feels so good

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