Thursday, 14 March 2013

Twitter Party and KT Tape

Since joining the world of Twitter, I've discovered a lot of new products out there. I am always keen on learning about products that can help me with my running and general health. Running is one of my passions and with all the training, there are aches and pains and even injuries that can occur.

One of the things that I have helped me was having kinesiolgy tape applied to my areas of need. I had first seen it at an expo in Tampa a few years ago and then had a free application done at another expo.  I was quickly amazed at how it helped me with the race as I was having some quad issues that year.  

I took part in my first Twitter chat last night hosted by a fellow blogger that I had been following Heather from Through Heather's Looking Glass and KT Tape.  It was a great way to ask questions, chat with other runners and learn about KT Tape. At then end of our chat party Heather announced that there were going to be winners and prizes to those who took part and guess what?  

I was randomly chosen!!! I can't wait to try KT Tape out.. want to know why ?

Here are a few reasons to why I like KT Tape so far.

- they have 8 AWESOME colours with cool names like Blaze Orange and Epic Purple
  which you can use to match your race day outfit
- you can buy them in Canada 

and most of all YOU CAN APPLY IT YOURSELF!!!

I had always thought that you needed to go to a certified kinesio taper, as in a person who is qualified to do this, like a chiropractor or a physic therapist. But KT Tape has instruction videos to guide you through the application yourself.

If you've never tried kinesiotaping or not sure what it is, check out the video. I can tell you that it has helped me and I'm a believer. 


Thanks again to Heather and KT Tape. It was a blast to be apart of the Twitter party last night #kttape.

Looking forward to KT taping my knee when I get my Laser Blue and sporting it for my next race.

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