Thursday, 15 November 2012

NWM 13.1 DC

Nike has a Full and Half Marathon in San Francisco every October. My friends and I have tried for the past 3 years to get into this race as it is a lottery system. I actually flew out to San Fran to take part in one of their challenges to get an extra chance to run the race... yes I know.. I'm nuts.

I think one of the main reasons, actually the ONLY reason to why this race is so popular is that you get a Tiffany Necklace at the end of the race... yes, you heard right .. a nice little blue box with a Tiffany Necklace to greet you at the finish line.

This year Nike has decided to have a half marathon in Washington DC. Needless to say, I'M ALL OVER THAT!!! Once again it will be done by lottery. BOO Here's hoping that my friends and I get in.

Registration will be opening up later this week and we will all find out who's running December 10.

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