Sunday, 23 June 2013

Color Me Rad 5K

When I found out Color Me Rad was coming to Toronto, I quickly signed up onto their mailing list and waited for notification. I signed up as soon as I got the email notification and told all my friends to sign up as well, sadly it sold out in a matter of days and only 4 of us were able to get a bib.

Getting our Rad on
At the start line

Equipped with the sunglasses that was in our swag bag and whatever white clothing we could find, wee all headed down to the race on a muggy overcast Saturday. Rain drops started to fall as we pulled into the parking lot. We were all hoping that the rain would hold off until the run was over.

So what is Color me Rad all about. Well, it is a fun run. There is a main stage area with an emcee and great music blasting away. People are cheering while color bombs are being tossed into the crowd. It is not chipped which means that it is not timed. The race is for all ages. I saw parents pushing strollers and babies in carriers. There were lots of families young and old. As I had said, it is not timed, so do not expect people to be "racing". It is a 5 kilometre distance with color stations spread throughout where volunteers will toss/throw/spray colored powder or coloured water at you. Most people slowed down, if not stopped at these stations to get covered in colour and take pictures.

Group shot after.. need I say more
We did end up getting rained on for part of the race which made the colors quite vibrant and definitely stuck to our clothes. If you are looking for a fun day out and willing to get a little dirty, I would highly recommend this run. It's for EVERYONE, especially anyone who is new to running. 

At the end of the race everyone was given one color packet to bring to the main stage area to throw into the crowd at the same time. They also threw out Color Me Rad swag out into the participants. I nicknamed this the color mosh pit as people were crazy. I lasted only a few minutes before I was covered in more colored powder. My friends stayed in the pit, danced, cheered and were able to catch some race swag.

Overall, it was an awesome race. Check them out here for a location near you.
In the color mosh pit

Have you ever done a color race?

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