Sunday, 16 June 2013

Happy Father's Day - Week 4 Recap

Happy Father's Day to my dad, hubby and all the other dads out there. I hope you all had a wonderful day!

What started out to be an uneventful week has turned into a full on busy week. The hubs was let go from his job as his company was bought out by a bigger company and then sold. A day later my youngest started getting sick. I thought it was a growth spurt, but then he stopped eating. We ended up in the ER with my little guy to find out that his mouth was full of sores and quite dehydrated. Now it made sense to why he was not eating. My heart ached to see him in so much pain.

The weather is finally starting to look up. I started the week with a 5.63km run with baby in the jogging stroller as it was too nice to be stuck inside. The last time I took him out, he cried for quite a bit of my run, so I decided to wait and try to figure out when would be a good time to take him out.

Since he got sick, he was very cranky and off his regular schedule. I figured the best thing for him and I was to get outside for some fresh air. I ended up doing all my runs with him in the jogging stroller. He was probably too high on his pain medication to fuss and was quite happy on most of the runs.

Today was my long run and I was not sure how he would do. I timed it so that he had just had some food and was ready for a nap. He lasted the entire 15 km's with a short nap and no fussing.  I'm hoping that he will continue to enjoy my runs with me. I love running outside and pushing the stroller has made me work harder and hopefully I will be faster without the stroller. I look forward to week 5 and possibly some more stroller runs.

Long Run Sunday

Week 4 Recap

Tuesday - 5.63 km
Wednesday - 5k Tempo
Friday - 14.08 km
Saturday - 8.18km
Sunday 15.04 km

Total 48 kms All done with the jogging stroller except  for the Tempo run

Are you training for any races?

Did you race this weekend?

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