Monday, 17 December 2012

Boo Nike

It's was a busy and disappointing last week. My friends and I were not selected for the lottery for Nike's Inaugural Half Marathon in Washington... BOO.  After being angry and frustrated for a day or two,  I think I've gotten over it. There's still the Nike race in San Fran and this time round we will put our names in for the FULL MARATHON. Can you believe we've tried 4 times already to run their races. Thousands of women and men put their names into the lottery, but only a selected few get chosen. I guess it's for the better as I would have been stressed with flying my whole family down to Washington then trying to figure out how to run and then get back in time to nurse James.  But, my running buds and I had already decided if we did not get into the Nike race we had another race on the same day to run.

I had the priviledge to run with my girlfriend for her first half marathon 2 years ago in Rochester and had wanted to run it this year, but it coinsided with the  Nike race, so since we didn't get into Nike  I get to go back and run this race with her again and this time try to for a better time. It will be my first half marathon after baby. Date is set for April 28, 2013. Which means I have just over 4 months to get my butt in gear to run that distance.

At the finish line... can't wait to do it again

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