Thursday, 18 July 2013

iRun 42.2

I got some exciting news this week. I was selected to take part in iRun 42.2 program. I am super excited as I have been training with my run buddy for a marathon in the fall and now I am truly committed.  With the iRun program, I will get a personalized training program designed by coach Rick Hellard from Zone3sports and entry into the Toronto Scotiabank Waterfront Marathon this October.

I had started training 9 weeks ago with my own marathon training plan. I just received my personalized plan from coach Rick yesterday and will now shift over to what he has planned for me. I have noticed that my original plan was based on distance and my 'new' plan is based on timed runs.

We have been dealing with an extreme heat alert in the city this week with temperatures in the high 30's going up to 40's with the humidity. For all my friends using the Fahrenheit system, it means 100's. YIKES!! It has been hard to get out and run with the air being SO hot. I have been staring out my window for the sun to go down so that I can run. My friends think I'm nuts, but I am more committed than ever now to nail this marathon training down.

I am also gearing up for Tough Mudder next weekend. I don't know where the time went. I still remember when I registered in January thinking about how much time I had to train for this crazy event, and it's now a week away. I have been so busy thinking about marathon training that I have not been able to do much strength training for Tough Mudder. I pray that I will survive the course.

We are having out of town visitors this weekend, so I am trying to figure out how I will be able to squeeze in my runs while entertaining and taking care of my two young kids.

Runs logged for this week

Monday - 5 K
Tuesday - 10K
Wednesday - Strength training
Today - 45 minutes of running planned

Are you training for any races?

How do you train? Do you train in distance or time?

Any advice for trying to squeeze my runs in?

Have a great week!!

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