Sunday, 26 October 2014

Injured and Onwards Towards Athens

I am now 14 days away from my third marathon. I have been training for the Athens Marathon for the past 15 weeks. Training has been coming along steadily with a few races that I had planned within the schedule to help me see if I was progressing. I had a personal best at my last 30km race and trudged on. I have been working with a new training plan that a friend had suggested. It helped her with her BQ.

I developed some pain in the arch of my right foot at the beginning of October. I decided to take it easy and use orthotics in all my shoes and roll it out over a golf ball whenever I had a chance. It has been quick painful. I'm not sure what caused the pain, but I am hoping that it will go away.

My family and I had planned getaway for Florida with some friends and I had my training all planned out. Unfortunately I feel out of our mini van and landed with my tailbone hitting the curb. This happened on day 2 of our holidays. I was devastated. I cried when hubby tried to help me up. All I could think about was how I was going to be able to run a marathon in 4 weeks. We were on our way to the beach so I crawled back into the van and made a run for the ocean when I got to the beach. I was hoping the salt water would help with the pain.

When we finally made it back to our residence, I took a look at the damage. It was not pretty. I was black and blue. My right leg somehow got smashed in the fall as well. I had brought some anti-inflammatory gel for my foot and quickly applied it on all aches and pains. I was definitely not going to be able to run while on holidays. I could barely sit.

It has been 14 days since the fall and my tailbone is feeling slightly better. I saw my chiropractor the day after I landed and she's been taking good care of me. In her words "it's not good, but I've seen worse". I went for a trial run today with my little guy and it seems to be holding up. I only ran a slow 5km and was very cautious during the whole time.  I have been nursing my bruises with my stinky oil elixirs I picked up from the dispensary in Hong Kong. They are very minty in smell and are warm once applied. I've been rotating heat and ice packs on my tailbone and rolling my foot over the golf ball.

My run Buddy and I with the little guy
I'm hoping that my injuries will get better for me to at least walk/run my marathon in Athens.  I do not want to pull out of the race as all the tickets and accommodations have been booked.  Until then, I will try to patiently not run and let my body heal.

Hope you all had a great weekend...

What do you do when you get injured?

Any tips for my injuries?

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  1. Yikes! Not knowing the cause of your pain and discomfort can really be a problem. You should get your right foot checked as soon as possible. Also, I'm sorry you got involved in an accident, which caused you to injure your tailbone. I'm just glad to know that your chiropractor has everything under control. Anyway, I hope you're faring better these days, and that training is back on track. Take care! :)

    Jacqueline Hodges @ Dr. Koziol


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