Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Winter Blues and What to Wear

This winter seems to have gone on for way too long. It is now mid march and the snow is still knee deep on my lawn. The roads are have been difficult to run on and the cold weather alerts seem to have been never ending.

Every time I turn on the television or radio, the weather is always the main topic. I have been trying to train and get back into the groove of things since the new year and I can't seem to get my groove back.  I have signed up for races in hopes to get me motivated, but every time I look out the window, I am just so disappointed with what I see outside and want to curl up under the covers.

I have gone out for a few long runs as I have some spring races planned and the treadmill is just killing me. I have been asked by many friends what should they wear when the weather gets so cold.

Runners world  has a great link for you to plug in the conditions, but here is my list of must haves for cold weather running.

- Moisture wicking sports bra
- Long sleeve base layer made of wool or polyester
- Short sleeve tech shirt if it is super cold I'll wear another Long sleeve tech shirt
- Warm running tights

- Warm wicking socks, I like the Smartwool PhD Running socks. Knee high compression socks are           also good go keep the calves warm
- Running jacket/shell to keep the heat in and you dry. If you don't have one, add more layers
- Gloves
- Hat/Toque
- Balaclava (optional)
- Neck Warmer
- Sunglasses for nicer days
- Tissues in your pocket for runny noses
- Running shoes
Yaktrax for those icy days
- Sunscreen
- Chapstick

Some extras that I always have with me 

- my Road ID
- some good music 
- my Garmin and heart rate strap

I am hoping for some warmer weather very soon, but for now I will continue putting on all my layers and heading out into the snowy roads and train as much as I can. 

What are you Must- Haves for cold weather running?

Any tips to help me get out of my funk?

Thanks for reading and have a GREAT day!

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