Thursday, 26 September 2013

Where was I a year ago today?

A year ago today, I gave birth to our second child. It was a very quick and painful delivery and I did it all naturally. Yup, NO DRUGS. I was thrilled to have had a pretty easy pregnancy and survived childbirth a second time. I was also thinking about getting back into my runners and hitting the pavement. Yes, I'll admit it, I have a bit of a problem.

Happy Birthday !!
I am lucky enough to live in Canada where I was able to have a full year of maternity leave. I've spent the past year enjoying every moment as I know that this will probably be my last baby. So what I have learnt this year.

Take everything in stride. Things will happen whether you like it or not. My life went from a fairly routine life with one child to a crazy gong show overnight. I was thrown back into the world of sleepless nights and dirty diapers. I was now stuck at home with a pre-schooler and a newborn. I learned to relax a lot more with the second one, maybe because I learned from the mistakes I made the first time round. I laughed a lot more and didn't sweat the small stuff.

Take a moment each day to count your blessings. Amongst the chaos of daily life we often forget how lucky we are. We are bombarded daily with all the "noise". I am always amazed when my daughter says her prayers at night and thanks God for all the things that she is grateful for.  I am always humbled by her innocence. Be thankful for all that you have because there is always someone out there is is worse off than you.

Set goals for yourself whether it be fitness related or not. I had decided that I would spend part of my maternity leave training for my first marathon. It has been quite the journey. I was able to train as soon as my doctor gave me to o.k. I have learnt to juggle my time around training and being mommy and wife. It takes some work, but it's possible.  There have been some setbacks along the way but, I am fortunate to have a supportive hubby and family. I feel great and I am so excited to be running my first marathon in 23 days.

After one of our many runs together
Have a GREAT weekend.

Are you racing this weekend? 

Are you training for any races?

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