Sunday, 21 April 2013

Taper Time

It's been a pretty crazy week as I have been back in the sleep training trenches with baby #2 since we got back from Mexico. I has taken a number of sleepless nights and lots of crying, but I think we've worked it out. It is also time to taper.

I just finished reading my old posts that I have logged on my quest to run after having baby. I can't believe how fast the months have flown by. My son will be 7 months this week and I will be leaving to run one of my dream races, the Nike Women Half Marathon in Washington. I have been training diligently since my doctor gave me the all clear and I am now into the last week of my training plan.

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I will spend this week relaxing and packing as I will be taking my son with me on this trip as I am still nursing him and he has not quite taken the bottle yet. I am nervous yet excited. I have spent the last 16 weeks following my training plan and have been pretty good with minimal injuries. I am happy with my progress and only hope to get better. I'm not sure how I will do with this race as I will be running with two friends who are injured. I am hoping that they will rest up this week and be able to run a good race with me on Sunday.

Here's a photo from one of my runs last week. It was the first time running with a jogging stroller. I had bought this stroller the day I got home from the hospital with my son and finally after 6. 5 months I was able to take him out for a run. It's definitely different running with the stroller. It will take some getting used to. I'm hoping to get out for more runs as the weather gets nicer.

Hope you all have a great week !

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