Tuesday, 16 April 2013

4:09 #RunforBoston


My heart is in Boston today. It aches every time I think about running. All my thoughts and prayers are with all those affected by this senseless act. 

I spent yesterday glued to my computer and iPhone  checking for updates on the Boston Marathon. a runner's 'Holy Grail'. The moment I heard/read about the explosions in Boston, I was in shock. I was in disbelief at first thinking that maybe it was a prank. When it finally sunk in, I was angry and was deeply saddened, I felt violated.

My good friend called me as we are both runners and consoled each other as we were both quite devastated by the news. I continued to get a number of friends messaging me to let me know what had happened.

Social media and the news agencies were a buzz and all I could do was relive the video clips that were circulating and think about was my family. I have run many races with family waiting for me at the finish line. I'm don't know "why" anyone would want to harm innocent people. All I know is that I will not let this event deter me from what I love. I will continue to lace up my runners and get outside. I will not let my anger or fear get the best of me. I will run for all those who cannot. I will hold my kids and husband closer. 

I am not surprised by all the outpouring of tweets on Twitter, updates on Facebook and stories of the people who have stepped up and helped. The heartwarming stories of everyday people who were first responders, heroes that helped the runners that were unable to finish, spectators and anyone who needed help.  I will continue to train hard in hopes that I will qualify one day for Boston. It is amazing how the running community has bonded together. I am proud that say that I am a runner and am apart of this family.

In honour of Boston, the running community suggested wearing a race shirt and run 4.09 miles to represent the time into the marathon at which the first explosion went off or run for 26.2 minutes. I will continue to run for a long as I can.

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