Monday, 15 June 2015

Barrie Waterfront Half Marathon Recap

Hubby ran this race last year and had a blast and convinced me to join him this year. I haven't raced this distance for a while now and was looking forward to running this distance.

This is a very small race that has a 5K, 10K, kids fun run as well as the half marathon. We were allowed to pick up our kits on race day as we live out of town. It was super convenient as the packet pickup was steps from the start/finish line. Parking was free and plentiful. Hubby decided last minute not to run this year as he has not been able to train properly and didn't want to injure himself.

I had a busy week leading up to race day. I had a trip to Hong Kong and tried to get in all my workouts according to the plan. But training in 85% humidity and temperatures of 36 degrees Celsius can be tough.  It was nice to have hubby drive up to the race even though he had decided not to run. I was able to relax and chill in the car.  We stopped to pick up a buddy who was going to run the half as well and headed up to Barrie.

After picking up our race kits. We headed to the potties, which were plentiful and right at the start/finish area.  The half marathon runners are the first wave to go followed by the 10K and then the 5K runners. There were a total of 333 people that finished the half marathon which indicates how small the race was. It was a nice change to the big races. There was space for everyone to pass and run at their own pace. There was no bumping or impatient people grunting from behind.

It seemed like it was going to be a perfect day for a race. I was pumped and also a bit nervous. I was going to aim for a personal best.  The national anthem was sung and we were off.   I started at a comfortable pace for the first few metres but my legs didn't seem to want to pick up the pace.  It was a first for me. It was as if my legs and my brain were not communicating. It was the strangest feeling. I kept trying to keep up with the people around me, but I seemed to be falling behind. I had left my phone in the car because I wanted to focus on the race and just run.

This race ended up being quite a tough race for me. I couldn't figure out for the life of me why my legs wouldn't work. Every time I looked down at the watch, my pace seemed to be slower than then previous time I looked down. I would try to look ahead and try to catch up to the person that past me, but it just wasn't happening.
These Kids Ran out for High 5's
Right when I needed it 
The course was very scenic out and back route. It took us along the Barrie waterfront with beautiful view of Lake Simcoe, through some residential areas and part of downtown Barrie. There was plenty of room on the road for all runners. We ran on pavement for the first half of the race and then gravel for the later part.

Struggling for the Finish
There was no bag check for this race, but thank goodness there was plenty of parking nearby and the weather was perfect. Race photos are also complimentary, but had not come out yet for my recap. The  medal is huge. It also serves as a bottle opener and a magnet.
Finally done
Although I did not get a half marathon personal best. I really enjoyed the course and the beautiful day. I was quite upset that my body didn't perform as I had hoped. I kept questioning myself to what happened. Going into the race, I felt strong and ready. Was it the jet lag? Was it too much training leading up to race day?  I'm not sure what happened. What I had thought would be an amazing race for me turned out to be one of my worst.   All I know is that there will be good races and bad. I'm hoping this will be my last bad race. I will try not to dwell on it and move onto the next race and keep training.

Hubby, My Personal Photographer

Have you ever had a bad race? 

How did you deal with it?

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