Sunday, 1 March 2015

Coldest February Ever

February went by in a flash, but at the same time it seemed never ending. It was the coldest month of 2015 where cold alerts were plenty and not a single day of temperatures above freezing. This is what living in the Great White North really is like. Toronto has not seen weather this cold since 1978.

With weather like this, all you want to do is crawl up under a blanket and curl up by the fire. But, if you've registered for a marathon in the spring, it means that training must go on.

As much as LOVE running outside,  I have spent a lot of February on the treadmill. I have learned to love my treadmill. I used to joke about how much I hated it, but I'm very lucky to have one in my home. It is always there when I need it, I don't have to worry about browsicles or slipping on ice. With a little one at home it's always tough to squeeze all the training runs in. It would be crazy to attempt to push my toddler in the running stroller in below freezing temperatures and snow covered sidewalks. So, the treadmill has been my saving grace.  I admire all my fellow runners who run outside through all the adverse weather. I always catch myself planning my week according to the weather and seeing if and where I can run outside. 

I have been keeping up with the Insanity Max 30 workout which is quite fun and very challenging. I've gotten the whole family to do it with me. Check out my updates on Instagram. I am hoping that it will help build my core and make me a stronger runner. I am now into month 2 of the challenge and it's definitely INSANE!

My training has been all over the place because of the weather but I have tried to stick with mileage required. I am praying for some warmer weather in March and with Daylights saving coming up, there will be more daylight and hopefully some stroller runs instead on treadmill runs. 

How was your February? 

How do you deal with extreme weather and training ?

What upcoming races or events do you have in the horizon?

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